Pregnant women should not feel nervous, therefore when they face some problem, they nervous doubly: firstly, because of the problem, secondly, because of the fear that the stress will. It is a vicious circle. How to open this circle and how to stop nervous feelings?

We offer 9 simple but effective methods on how to relieve stress during pregnancy. Choose what you prefer. Or use all nine.


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The easiest and fastest way to relieve stress during pregnancy – keep track of your breathing. Do you think that’s impossible? Let’s check.

So make yourself comfortable, you can even lie down and close your eyes. Try to relax your body as much as possible. Breath air slowly into the lungs, hold your breath, slowly counting to four. Then exhale slowly. Before you make a new breath again, hold your breath for four counts.

How does it work: First, such a breathing practice makes you breathe slowly, and thus prevents hyperventilation that often occurs during stress. Second, while you keep track of your breathing and count to four, you are not overexcited with other problems. Thus, you give your mind a breather and it can cope with stress.


pregnancy images - You know visualization techniques for a long time. Refresh your memory, when you were a child you loved to dream. So, nothing has changed – and now you are also able to dream.

Close your eyes and imagine the place and time when you were happy. Take a walk on the hot sand mentally or cool morning dew grass; listen to the lapping of the waves, birds singing; look at the sun filtering through the dense foliage, or hovering gulls; Feel the smell of sun-warmed grass, breathe in the fragrance of coniferous mushroom after the rain.

Visualization of pleasant moments helps to get rid of the psychological and physical clamps. Positive emotions that you are experiencing at this moment are transmitted to the baby. Incidentally, this psychological trick will help you to relax during labor and not to lose control. And while it will contribute to relieve stress during pregnancy, find peace of mind and you will cope with anxieties.

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If you feel that stress seems to paralyze your entire body, your head became heavy and you lose heart, method of progressive muscle relaxation by Jacobson will help to restore mental balance. It is based on the idea that muscles automatically relax after a strong stress

For relaxation by Jacobson, you need to lie on the floor on your back, close your eyes and pick a small group of muscles, such as, for example, hands, abdominal or calf. Strongly tighten the group for 5-10 seconds and then abruptly relax and fully enjoy this relaxation.

Gradually increase the amount of muscles involved in relaxation.

The classical scheme of progressive relaxation: a consistent stress-relaxation of the muscles of the neck to the tips of the leg muscles.


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Another effective method of dealing with stress is aromatherapy during pregnancy. This method can easily be combined with others. For example, before practicing relaxation techniques or visualization, ventilate the room and fill it with any essential oil fragrance that makes you a pleasant feeling. You can add several oils to the aroma lamp simultaneously.

Bergamot and rose oil also reduce emotional stress. Anti-stress properties are observed in aromas of petitgrain (it helps not only with anxiety and concern, but also in case of a panic attack), eucalyptus, fir, pine.

Pure Essential Oils of lemon, grapefruit, jasmine, cypress, cinnamon and geranium will improve mood and raise the emotional tone. Lavender oil will help you to calm down and to cope with insomnia during pregnancy.


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Our environment usually makes us happy or unhappy. Therefore, under stress during pregnancy, it is important to communicate with the people of positive sentiment and limit yourself to contact with others who leads you into depression. If you are worried about something, a meeting with a optimistic-friend- is the best medicine for stress.

Do not be afraid to share their fears, because uttering them aloud, you reduce the intensity of the stress. Even studies confirm that sociable people more easily overcome stress. In addition, your girlfriend will probably find the right words for you to support. But do not focus exclusively on their problems. Be sure to switch to other topics, ask about your friend’s affairs – it also helps to distract from disturbing thoughts for a while.


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If you’re thinking that this method would certainly not help you because you are not a creative person … We assure, it does not matter. For example, do you know how to knead the clay? You know how! What about making a russian kolobok? Still would! Here you are. It is important not the result but the process, as modeling clay is a massage for your fingers and palms, which relieves stress and leads to peace. You can make some kind of figure that would be associated with your problem and then get rid of it taking unpleasant emotions away.

Intuitive drawing is also a great way to relieve stress. You do not need to be an artist for this. You can even draw without brushes using your fingers – it makes a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Trust your intuition, it will tell you what to draw.

pregnancy images - babymonitor.orgGET OUT TO THE NATURE

When you found out about your pregnancy you immediately wanted to go somewhere in the countryside with fresh air, cucumbers in the garden, apples in the garden, milk from real cow, and where the peace and grace around. Yes, it helps to calm the nerves. As vacation in the mountains or by the sea. But if the nerves pass right now, and you can be at work, then get out to a nearby park. Quarreled with your husband? To the park!

Enclosed within the four walls, the problems increase markedly and seem intractable. But once you take them out into the open, they begin to seem the last details of life. In the meantime you enjoy the singing of birds, the rustle of leaves, you saturate your body with oxygen and receive free D3 vitamin.

pregnancy images - babymonitor.orgGO IN FOR SPORTS

It is said that it is impossible to escape the problems. Do not believe it! The most effective way to deal with stress – is physical activity. Because during exercise your body secretes endorphins – the hormones of happiness. So running during pregnancy – the best medicine for stress.

Do you want to run? Dance! Music plus physical activity – a double blow to stress. You want something quieter, find out how yoga can help with stress. The main thing – do not sit back.

pregnancy images - babymonitor.orgDRINK FRESH JUICES

Research conducted by British scientists showed that a glass of pomegranate juice a day reduces stress levels and at regular consumption of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, you’ll not only be less responsive to external stimuli, but also feel the emotional high!