4 weeks of pregnancy: an expectant mother may feel hurt and pull of the abdomen. This is explained by the fact that the menses were to start at this period.

Menstrual process, which has already been postponed for years, intervenes in the process of pregnancy, violates the hormones of a woman and increases the tone of the uterus. Also at the 4th week of pregnancy you may notice smearing brown allocation.

If the uterus of a pregnant woman is in a tonus, it can cause miscarriage, therefore if you suffer from the feeling of tension and prolonged uterine pain in the abdomen and lower back then see a doctor immediately. The reason for the tone of the uterus often becomes a lack of the hormone progesterone, or inflammatory processes in the body of the future mother.

Because of the possible danger of failing at the fourth week of pregnancy, it is necessary to treat yourself very carefully, if the discharge becomes intense and the pain does not stop, consult a doctor.