5 Weeks Pregnant: the expectant mother can already feel all the charm of the early signs of pregnancy: nausea, dizziness, breast engorgement, cravings for frequent urination, fatigue, nervousness, and change in the taste preferences.

Unfortunately, modern medicine has not yet come up with an effective means of toxemia of pregnancy, but if frequent snacking (for example a spoon of honey or ginger tea with lemon) helps you, we are happy to facilitate your condition. The only advice we can give – improvise, look for your own personal way of dealing with toxicity and remember that this is a temporary phenomenon, which ends sooner or later.

Bent for increased frequency of urination during this period can be explained by the fact that the uterus begins to grow in size and puts pressure on the bladder, Breast tenderness is explained by preparatory processes that take place in the body to organize the breastfeeding of a future baby. Fatigue, anxiety and changes in taste preferences – all these things are happening because of hormones, which also began its work on the restructuring of the female body.

The uterus of a pregnant woman is gradually changing its shape: initially, depending on the place of attachment of the ovum, it has stretched asymmetrical shape, with an increase in size, it becomes more rounded.

However, the expectant mother has not changed so much externally yet that others can see she is pregnant and usually only a limited circle of people: her husband, family and best friends know about the fact of pregnancy.