Unfortunately, the risk of miscarriage at the 5th week of pregnancy persists, it can happen for various reasons, including hormonal changes and increased tone of the uterus because of the traditional attitude of the female body in the menstrual flow. Also, women with high levels of male hormones, and excess weight are prone to the risk of miscarriage. Another enemy of the baby – is maternal stress.

Long nagging abdominal pain and spotting brown vaginal discharge are the signals that the expectant mother should definitely consult a doctor. Pain and discharge determine the danger of possible spontaneous abortion, if the bleeding started, it means that a miscarriage happened. Small vaginal discharge is always present at the 5th week of pregnancy. However, if it has changed its color and became bright yellow, green, grayish, it indicates the presence of infection. In this case, consultation of a doctor is needed.

Remember that now you should take care of your psyche and avoid psychological overload, do not overwork, try to relax and spend time in nature.