Planing pregnancy

Planing pregnancy

I’m afraid! Pregnancy fears

In our society, it is assumed that a woman is required to be mother. But some women do not want to have children, while...

Pregnancy After 40: Why dangerous?

The birth of a baby - is a very happy event for women in their 20s and 40s. However, the pregnancy after 40 requires...

Scientists claim that soy cause infertility

In the course of study American physicians have found that the use of soy in food causes bad effects on women's reproductive function, because...

Scientists: laughter can increase chances of conceiving

The Israeli scientists claim that laughter can not only extend life, but also improve the success of conception. Professor Shevach Friedler assures that 15 minutes...

What kind of women give birth to criminals

It turns out that criminal propensities of a person can be congenital. This disappointing news was reported by Australian researchers from Australia. A cause...

Workaholic Women have less chances of getting pregnant!

British scientists argue that women who work hard are much less likely to get pregnant. And here's why. Specialists conducted the study, during which there...

Soluble in water pregnancy test

Lia Test is an innovative novelty of a classic pregnancy test. The main advantage of this test is that after the usage it can...

Psychological problems of surrogate motherhood

Besides all the medical and legal aspects of surrogate motherhood people usually forget about psychological ones. Note that it's not about the moral and...

An application to help you to get pregnant

Fertility specialist has developed an application which helps to find the optimal day for conception and create an individual health program for women who...

Perinatal Psychology: What is it and why is it important?

What kind of baby you will have depends on the parents. And Genetics is not the only factor that determines how your baby will...
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