Pregnancy by weeks

Pregnancy by weeks

Thirty-nine weeks pregnant: What is happening?

At 39 weeks of pregnancy the placenta is thinner. The metabolism in it slows down. As a result, the child may experience a lack...

Thirty-nine weeks pregnant: Gestation course

At 39 weeks of pregnancy the expectant mother knows that childbirth is very close, and her condition fluctuates, as a mathematical sine wave: on...

Thirty-eight weeks pregnant

38 weeks of pregnancy: it means that the expectant mother should carefully monitor her weight, because excess kilos guarantee problems with stretch marks on...

Thirty-eight weeks pregnant: Helpful tips

An important task at this stage of pregnancy is to minimize the fear of childbirth. Read as much as possible literature aimed at making...

Thirty-eight weeks pregnant: Necessary tests

At 38 weeks of pregnancy the expectant mother should pay a visit to a doctor, who will be delivering a baby. The doctor will...

Thirty-eight weeks pregnant: Possible difficulties

Due to the fact that the uterus begins to descend and press on the bladder and intestines the expectant mother may feel the pain...

Thirty-eight weeks pregnant: Nutrition for the future mother

A few weeks before childbirth it is recommended for an expectant mother to exclude from the diet foods that are difficult to digest red...

Thirty-eight weeks pregnant: How does pregnancy change mother’s life?

Downward displacement of the fetal head also leads to increased pressure on the pelvic bone. An expectant mother may feel pain in the pubic...

Thirty-eight weeks pregnant: Future baby

If the baby is born at 38 weeks of pregnancy, it will be completely full-term newborn, and the childbirth is considered as urgent, i.e....

Thirty-eight weeks pregnant: What is happening?

At 38 weeks pregnant the placenta has already begun to grow old, its vessels are empty, causing the loss of its former congestion. Reduces...
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