An obstetrician-gynecologist explains:

Pregnant women at this period begin to be more sensitive to smells, taste preferences may change. Closest people are starting to notice mood swings – from tenderness to deep depression. It is necessary to be discussed, especially with your husband. Expectant mother may be surprised to observe an increase in temperature up to 37,2-37,5, she cannot warm up, even, for example, in a warm shower. It is normal, the temperature rise is caused by the pregnancy hormone of – progesterone. It provokes drowsiness and weakness. Nausea / vomiting are particularly strong in the morning, although it can also be observed throughout the day.

In order to avoid morning sickness it is recommended to eat something, not getting up and lie down for 10-15 minutes. Eating must be little and often. A pregnant woman can observe changes in waist circumference, some parts of clothing starts to squeeze. The fact is that the uterus increased in size (it reached the size of a grapefruit), although the parameters of the fetus seem like lake shrimp. Weight increases on average per kilogram, mainly due to the uterus and placenta. By the end of the week the embryo begins to resemble a human being. There are the eaves appeared on the face, the tip of its nose and the inner ear is formed. The aortic valve and the pulmonary artery are functioning in the heart already. The elbows, hands and fingers on them are already formed too, the lower limbs will develop later. The first spontaneous movements of the child may be noted during ultrasound examination.