If on the 8th week of pregnancy you have already begun to hand over analyzes, there may be identified the rhesus-conflict according to the results of your blood test. The reason for the conflict is the Rh factor – the immunological property of the blood, which is dependent on the presence of a special type of protein on the surface of red blood cells. If a person has such a protein – his blood is Rh-positive, and there are about 85% of such people. The remaining 15% of the people do not have this protein on the surface of red blood cells, and their blood is called Rh-negative.

If the blood of the future mother is Rh-negative, and future father’s blood – is Rh positive, the likelihood that the baby will form a positive Rh factor is from 50 to 100%. Due to the fact that the Rh of the future baby has already been formed in the 8th week of pregnancy, Rh-negative organism perceives the future baby with a positive Rh factor as a danger and produces protective antibodies that attack foreign protein. The protective bodies of the maternal organism destroy the red blood cells of the child, due to the reduction in their number there may be developed anemia. During the decay of erythrocytes there is also released a bilirubin, which has toxic effects on most organs of the fetus. It is important not to forget about careful monitoring, regularly hand over tests of the blood from a vein, through the results of which a doctor can infer the presence of Rh-conflict and carry out the necessary medical prophylaxis.