The period of 18 weeks may often be clouded by some pain: back pain in the lumbar region, drawing in the abdomen. Causes of pain:

  • the displacement of the center of gravity due to the increased uterus,
  • extra weight gain,
  • increased load on the spine,
  • stretching of the ligaments and tendons of the abdominal wall, connected with the growth of the uterus.

It is possible to facilitate the state of the future mother in several ways:

  • choose a supportive bandage,
  • practice exercises to strengthen the back muscles,
  • control your weight,
  • spend enough time relaxing,
  • to take a horizontal body position during the day if possible.

Vaginal discharges are also present during the 18th week. Normally, they are of light and smooth consistency, but their quantity may increase due to the intensive work of the endocrine glands.