The head of your unborn child is half the length of the body, and this disproportion remains after the birth. The eyes are wide apart, the ears are low, the legs are short in comparison with the body. During the 11th week of pregnancy the liver is 10% of the full weight of the child. The kidney starts it’s functioning – the production of urine.

This urine fills the volume of the amniotic fluid. Waste products are passed through the placenta into the bloodstream and are excreted by a pregnant. Fetal growth is 6 cm, weight is 8 grams, and is the size of an apricot.

Baby begins to raise its head. The neck is gradually developing and strengthening. The uterus begins to grow in proportion to the growth of the fetus in it. It has already filled almost the entire pelvic area.

You should register at the antenatal clinic before the 12th week of pregnancy, as from 10th to 12th week it is necessary to pass the first screening – SPL + blood test on hCG and PAPP.

When registering in the antenatal clinic you must pass:

  • general urine analysis;
  • general blood analysis;
  • coagulogram;
  • blood chemistry;
  • determine the blood group and Rh factor;
  • bacterial urine culture;
  • blood tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C.

With all the survey data you should visit the therapist for consultation. Your husband has to pass fluorography and to determine blood group and Rh factor. If you have Rh negative and your husband has positive, during the first visit to the antenatal clinic you will have to make blood test for Rh antibodies, which will be monitored in the dynamics.