11th week of pregnancy: an expectant mother may feel pain and pull of the belly. This is because of the ligaments that support the uterus. Every day they are more and more stretched. Usually the pain is localized on the sides of the abdomen, but it is episodic, and is not a serious problem.

However, if there is pain of spastic nature, you experience stomach aches and sore, or you feel hardness of the uterus, it may be explained by the high tone of the uterus and is a symptom of possible threat of miscarriage.

You must also immediately contact a doctor if pulling and cramping abdominal pain is accompanied by brown or spotting excrements. Due to the hormonal changes that occur in the female body during the previous two months, some pregnant women may notice that their hair and nails became weak and brittle. However, in some of the fair sex representatives such symptoms are not observed, and on the contrary, the state of the nails and the hair can be improved. However, in the first and the second case, after giving birth, when hormonal balance in the body stabilizes, everything returns to normal.

Also, expectant mothers may have problems with the condition of the teeth: they can crumble and break, sometimes without any painful sensations. This symptom may occur if the pregnant woman experienced toxicosis, absence of appetite.

As a result there appeared some difficulties with the organization of a balanced diet, especially the consumption of dairy products – the major suppliers of calcium, necessary and useful for the expectant mother and the baby.

If during the 11th week of pregnancy the weakness and fatigue still prevail, it may be the first signs of decrease in hemoglobin. You should check the level of iron in the blood, pay attention to the intake of iron products, and if the doctor deems it necessary, start taking specific medicines.