9 weeks of pregnancy: the main emphasis in the diet should be made on the consumption of proteins, especially when the future mother experience signs of anemia. The diet should contain pork and veal liver, fish, almonds and apricots, you should regularly eat eggs and spinach.

The appetite of a pregnant woman may be weakened due to the reduced gastric secretory function. A fish, meat and vegetable soup as well as vegetable oils such as olive, sunflower, flax and corn can help to prevent constipation and improve digestion.

In order to avoid deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body of the future mother, she should not forget about fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, milk, kefir, yogurt and hard cheese. If you do not have allergies, you may eat honey during pregnancy, because it contains vitamins C, K, N, E, PP, pantothenic and folic acid, chlorine, zinc, aluminum, boron, silicon, chromium, lithium and nickel.