On this stage of pregnancy the expectant mother should bear in mind the prevention of diseases, because even ordinary SARS is completely useless now. Fresh Air – is the best assistant in the prevention of diseases, and it will help a pregnant woman to fall asleep more quickly.

Consider purchasing a humidifier: this wonderful device helps to ensure the most appropriate conditions for mucous membranes of the nose of a pregnant woman, and soon will come in handy for future baby. If the humidifier is not in your plans, try to do wet cleaning as often as possible.

Do not exclude the sex at the 19th week of pregnancy. It’s relaxing effect is very important for the psychological state of women, and for its psychology. The main thing is to choose a suitable position. Music is – an indispensable ally of the expectant mother. Relaxing Waltz for baby or favorite rock ballad for your own mood – choose any compositions which are pleasant to listen to, and do not be afraid to sing and to dance, the baby will appreciate it.