If the expectant mother has problems with vision, attention should be paid to the state of her eyes, because it affects how exactly she would give birth: naturally or by Caesarean section.

Modern doctors are afraid of the risk of retinal detachment during the attempts, but it is possible to deal with this factor. The main thing – to learn how to heave that can be done in special courses for pregnant women.

A special examination at the ophthalmology center will not be superfluous to weigh the “pros” and “cons”. It can identify problems with the retina and give a final conclusion about the possibility of vaginal birth.

Another problematic issue during pregnancy – is a narrow pelvis. However, the tiny figure of pregnant women does not mean that they can not give birth themselves. The delivery is set to the value of pelvic – bone rings, framing birth canal. There are three degrees of its restriction: small, medium, and high. The absolute indication for Caesarean is a high degree of narrowing of the pelvis, or non-standard presentation of the fetus.

When you visit the antenatal clinic doctor must measure the size of the bone rings and make initial conclusions. However, the final decision shall be taken only when the baby is fully formed and it is possible to estimate its size and location.

At the 19th week of pregnancy, a pregnant woman may experience a small reduction in blood pressure due to the weakening under the influence of peripheral vascular progesterone.

In parallel with the pressure reduction there can be observed a decrease the level of hemoglobin in the blood associated with a gradual increase in blood volume. Such symptoms provoke the light dizziness, weakness and fatigue. A pregnant woman should avoid sharp rises from a chair or bed, sharp turns of the body. She should be prepared for the fact that she may experience difficulties with breathing.