If you belong to the majority, then you will experience a strong nausea this week. This is normal and in most cases you just have to wait until this “horror” is over. If it is impossible to endure the nausea, then you can try to take hepatoprotectors or try detoxication therapy (essentiale, hofitol or others.).

In extreme cases, during the cases of severe vomiting it is possible to use Cerucalum. There are no observed changes in appearance, on the contrary, nausea and vomiting may provoke the loss of weight.

All the organs have started to develop during the last week, it grow and change. A head grows the fastest – it is due to the rapid development of the brain.

The head is rounded, eye sockets are already noticeable there. Beginnings of the nose have appeared. The mouth began to form.

In the respiratory system the lumps at the end of the trachea had bifurcated on bronchial branches, which in the future will be the left and right bronchuses. The heart, being just a pipe last week begins to divide into chambers with the arteries. During the ultrasound examination the heartbeat should be clearly visualized. There are veins appearing in the baby’s body. The formation of the liver, gallbladder and spleen continues, although they do not perform their functions yet.