An obstetrician-gynecologist says: The child’s body covered with a thin fluffy hair – lanugo (the primary fluff). It is produced by special glands protects a child’s body from the aqueous environment. The grooves on the soles and palms appear after 10 weeks of pregnancy, they are now entrenched. It is the foundation for the future fingerprints, which are genetically determined.

The fatty layer, which is involved in the metabolism begins its formation. The placenta transmits the food and oxygen and takes the waste products from the baby. Now it is the same size as a child.

The kid perfectly hears the sounds occurring in the organism of the future mother. Not without reason, experts advise pregnant women to attend concerts, exhibitions to charge with positive energy, which will be transmitted to the child. Psychologists advice to talk with the baby, read it stories, etc.

At the end of the week the fetus has a length of 13 cm and weighs an average of 130-150 g.