Of course, the condition of pregnancy – is unique, so try to look for the positive in everything around you in spite of all the problems and situations, remember that a baby in the stomach reacts to the emotions and the mood of a mother, let yourself be happy. Communicate with a baby, it is very important for it to hear mother’s voice.

Listen to melodious music together with your child, and it will tell you by it’s active movements what kind of melody it likes the most. In addition, music therapy perfectly refreshes and invigorates.

If the pregnant woman feels tired, it is worth to ask relatives to help with the housework. Of course, the house cleaning could replace special physical exercise but not overwork, struggling to perform the usual amount of household chores.

The growing belly can already hardly be placed in the usual jeans and skirts with belt. Get special clothes and underwear for pregnant women to feel comfortable and safe every day. Don’t think that maternity clothes are shapeless robes and dresses like bells only.

Even if the working day of a pregnant woman passes in the office with a strict dress code, there are presented lovely complete sets in specialized shops for pregnant women, which are characterized by the traditional business outfits with natural fabrics, comfortable cut and special knitted inserts.

You must also pay attention to the shoes, and change shoes with heels to comfortable ballet flats, espadrilles, moccasins or the loffery on the low move.

The 17th week of pregnancy: an expectant mother can afford herself to travel (if only she feels well). Don’t deny yourself with the pleasure of seeing something new – especially if the pregnancy is successful and you are full of energy. The only caveat – choose a familiar country, it is not a time for the extreme in the tropical jungle. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor about possible problems and complications.

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