At the 17th week of pregnancy, it is important to monitor the condition of the urinary system of the future mother. Her kidneys are now working just to the point of exhaustion, because they need to filter out of the blood not only women waste products, but also waste products of the kid which appear in the mother’s blood through the placenta.

Because of such active operation the kidneys of pregnant women sometimes fail, resulting in stagnation of urine and leading to a number of inflammatory diseases such as cystitis, bacteriuria, pyelonephritis, etc. In order to prevent such diseases the expectant mother has to empty the bladder more frequently, and exclude salty and spicy dishes from the diet, as well as closely monitor the edema.

The increased uterus presses on the internal organs such as the intestines and stomach, resulting in heartburn. This state has a hormonal nature. An esophagus and a stomach are separated by the special muscle – sphincter, which normally does not allow the food to return back from the stomach into the esophagus.

However, the body’s levels of the hormone progesterone increase. Progesterone relaxes smooth muscles in the whole body, it is necessary to reduce the excitability of the uterus. But apart from the uterus relaxes also the smooth muscle and other organs, including the sphincter.

In connection with the relaxation of the sphincter the stomach contents, where the food is digested with an acid, it falls back from the stomach into the esophagus. The esophageal mucosa suffers due to the effects of acid and heartburn begins. Under the influence of hormones there may also grow the level of gastric acidity, causing a burning sensation.

This unpleasant disease does not affect the development of the pregnancy and the condition of the future baby, but greatly complicates the life of the expectant mother. To reduce the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy it is necessary to follow some simple rules:

  • do not overeat, eat small portions several times a day;
  • include foods that have alkaline properties (sour cream, cream, butter);
  • vegetables should be consumed in cooked form;
  • avoid too hot drinks;
  • exclude acidic fruits and berries;
  • don’t go to bed in 30-40 minutes after the meal, because horizontal position of the body provokes the throw of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus. Try not to bent, for example, even when taking your shoes off.