As during the previous weeks, you will need a complete rational nutrition. It is better to eat small portions 4-5 times a day, giving preference to useful products.

If symptoms of toxicosis do not disturb the future mother, she must necessarily have breakfast, do not forget about the first dish during lunch. It is better to choose some light food for dinner.

If your appetite woke up between meals, try to eat fruits or dried fruits but not sandwiches and cookies. Excessive number of buns and cakes can lead to weight gain and constipation, which is now quite difficult to treat due to the reduced intestinal motility of a pregnant.

It is better not to eat salty food, as the salt helps to retain water in the body, thereby the edema may develop.

Also, the expectant mother should exclude from her menu all smoked, spicy dishes, preserves and pickles, products should be used only after the thermal treatment, since the half-baked fish, meat, eggs or milk can be a source of infections and parasites.

If it is difficult for you to arrange adequate nutrition, you will need to take special vitamin and mineral supplements for pregnant women, because the body’s need for mineral substances has increased significantly. It is better to discuss the choice of therapeutic drug with your doctor.