An obstetrician-gynecologist says:

“A lot of women this week have for the first time visited a gynecologist. After IVF program exactly for this week the first ultrasound control is assigned to render a finding of the ovum in the uterus and heart palpitations.

During this period of pregnancy fading may be suspected due to genetic damage, infection or immune factors from the absence of heartbeat. It is also possible to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, where the embryo is implanted in the fallopian (uterine) tube. In this case, the ovum in the uterus will not be visualized and the growth dynamics of the level of hCG will be slow (normal rate of hCG should be increased every two days doubly).

If the pregnancy is developing normally, then at the US, C-shaped fetus will be observed. Great projection on the internal (“front”) part of the “C” indicates on place of the heart. During this week tiny branches are observed – arms and legs, as well as the rudiment of the head with the already noticeable bulges and pits, from which the eyes, ears and nose will be developed. By the end of the week the head end of the neural tube closes. By this time, some women may gain weight or if suffer from nausea and the amount of consuming food is reduced, decrease in body weight is observed. Eating must be rational, small meals 4-5 times a day. Bakery products and sweets should be limited. During this period a women may have problems with defecation – constipation and flatulence. In this case, laxatives are contraindicated. Maintenance therapy with progesterone should be continued during pregnancy after IVF, gradually reducing the dose. “