During the 10th week of pregnancy, as well as in the future, the expectant mother should carefully monitor for the timely discharging of the bowel. When full the rectum pressures on the uterus. It is not desirable, because of possible provoсation of the uterus tone.

Increasing in size, the uterus begins to compress the main blood vessels that can cause varicose veins in the rectum and the appearance of hemorrhoids. With the aim to avoid this problem it is also necessary to monitor the regularity of the evacuation, try not to overeat, exclude from your diet all flour, fat and junk food.

During the 10th week of pregnancy an expectant mother may experience bouts of dizziness and fainting. In most cases such a state is associated with changes in the cardiovascular and nervous system as well as reducing the pressure. If such attacks repeat very frequently, you must immediately see a doctor.

Also during the 10th week of pregnancy you should carefully monitor the condition of the sense of sight, the deterioration of which may affect the hormonal and physical changes in a woman’s body.