If during the 10th week of pregnancy expectant mother experience constipation, it is necessary to include to your daily menu natural nonfat products, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, brown bread, dairy products. Try to keep drinking regime, cook light vegetable soup, pay attention to the use of dried fruit.

To facilitate your condition and organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, be careful not to overeat, eat food in small portions. Fried, spicy and salty food should not be abused, since such foods provoke an unnecessary burden on the body.

Please note that the only source of iodine for the thyroid gland of a child is the iodine circulating in the mother’s blood. If there is a lack of iodine in the nutritional status of a woman, the thyroid gland of a child dramatically reduces the production of hormones. It may cause dangerous violations in the development of the baby, lowering his mental faculties. In order to provide enough amounts of iodine the body of a pregnant woman and unborn baby it is necessary to include to your diet such products as fish, sea kale, kiwi, persimmon, feijoa.