If the wish to become a mother was completely conscious, and you were preparing for this event, having passed all the necessary medical examinations and research and making all the necessary adjustments to your life, the only thing that one can advise you – listen to your intuition and follow your health.

If pregnancy caught you off guard, then try to change your life slightly, observing some rules at the first week of pregnancy:

Avoid smoking, alcohol and various medications without the approval of a physician. This is a question that goes without saying, your decision and will power depends on the life and health of the unborn baby.

Try to take care of yourself and your health, avoid overwork, do not communicate with people who are sick not to be infected. A viral disease during the first weeks of pregnancy may carry very sad consequences, so if you can avoid being in areas with large concentrations of people – then try to.

pregnancy images - babymonitor.org Avoid stressful situations at home and at work, do not get angry or nervous, solve all the conflicts as peacefully as possible. Now it is not the time for a showdown.

Arrange your proper nutrition during pregnancy. It should be rich in vitamins and minerals, calcium and folic acid, which make the development of the fetus safe. The required amount of selenium prevents spinal cord defects. Limit spicy, sour, salty, smoked and canned food, pay attention to spinach, broccoli and oatmeal.

Spend more time outdoors, search harmony in nature and not in a stuffy office. Walking through the park with your husband – is a great alternative to noisy discos and crowded bars. If your life is in a very intense rhythm – revise your schedule, take time for yourself.

Dear future mothers, you might actually have to change the habitual way of life, but we want to draw your attention to the fact that it is not necessary to think that you’re doing it just for the sake of the child.

pregnancy images - babymonitor.org All the above mentioned principles – are simple rules of the person who wants to be healthy, there is nothing complicated there. Certainly, harmonious and organic mother’s behavior during pregnancy is the most positive impact on the future baby, but it will bring much more benefit, if these principles become your beliefs, you follow them with joy and pleasure to look beautiful and cheerful.

Although at this moment “half” of your baby – it’s one of 300 000 egg cells, and the second “half” throughout 14 days will be forming in the mature spermatozoon. It is now the best time to start taking care of yourself and your future baby. We wish you to see two strips on the test as soon as possible!

pregnancy images - babymonitor.org