Your baby’s length is 8 cm and weight 30grams, like a peach. The entire intestine of a child is located in the abdominal cavity. The baby’s face acquires the normal human traits. Ears take its normal position on the sides of the head. The uterus has increased significantly and it can be felt in the lower abdomen.

The state of health must be increased significantly. The breast is the same size, but its sensitivity increased. Appetite increases as the fetal growth, but the amount of food and a diet must be controlled. Your gynecologist must decide whether to take a multivitamin or not. But don’t abuse them as there is a theory of fetal sensitization provoked by constant drug intake. If the time of the year allows, it is more rational to get vitamins from natural sources. Folic acid supplements are advised to take up to 12 weeks.

During pregnancy after in vitro fertilization a supporting progesterone therapy by medications is canceled in most cases (after taking a blood test for progesterone previously).