Some of the expectant mothers having felt an improvement in their condition no longer monitor their health, but this is a serious omission. Of course, pregnancy miscarriage risks significantly decreased by the end of the12th week, but spontaneous abortion cases may also happen. Elementary intoxication or a cold may cause serious harm to a future baby.

If you have any health problems, you should always consult a doctor and not be engaged in a self-treatment, many medications are strictly prohibited during pregnancy. Be careful not to forget about the basic methods of prevention: wash your hands frequently, especially before eating, do not visit public places during an outbreak of catarrhal diseases, do not communicate with sick colleagues and friends.

The 13th week of pregnancy: a woman should avoid excessive physical exertion, so if the expectant mother is actively involved in sports, her load and training schedule should be agreed with the coach and the doctor. Do not forget to walk more in the open air, get positive emotions from nature, if condition permits, go on foot selecting comfortable shoes without heels. Also do not forget about the correct clothes, use nourishing and moisturizing creams from extensions and take prenatal vitamins.

Communicate with pleasant people, friends, family, a future mother must be positive. An important rule – now such meetings should be held without the presence of smoking people. It is not recommended for expectant mother to consume alcoholic beverages.