Downward displacement of the fetal head also leads to increased pressure on the pelvic bone. An expectant mother may feel pain in the pubic symphysis, the sacrum and in the back of the leg up to the knee. The cause of pain is the compression of the femoral nerve by enlarged uterus.

At 38 weeks of pregnancy the body of the future mother is actively preparing not only for childbirth, but also for the upcoming process of breastfeeding. The mammary glands of a woman are poured, her nipples become more sensitive, small veins net appears on the surface of the skin.

When pressed on the nipple colostrum can be allocated. A future mom can also participate in the preparation for breastfeeding, for example, she can massage the nipples with a towel, wash the breast with contrast showers, rub into the chest the means against stretch marks. The female body is interconnected, as the nipple receptor irritation increases the tone of the uterus and stimulates the development birth activity.

At 38 weeks of pregnancy a pregnant woman may experience problems with sleep: it is difficult to arrange yourself in bed because of the large stomach, it is difficult to choose a comfortable position. The sleep of the future mother is very sensitive, insomnia brings discomfort. Bouts of hunger or the need for frequent visits to the toilet also dish out.

The pressure of the uterus extends on the sciatic nerve, in addition to the pain in the legs and lower-back, this fact can cause the appearance of varicose veins in pregnant women. It is often needed to relax, lift your feet from the floor, wear a compression garment and change the position of the body more frequently if necessary.