Due to the fact that the uterus begins to descend and press on the bladder and intestines the expectant mother may feel the pain and the imbalance in the intestines, abdominal distension, and frequent urination.

Sometimes abdominal lightening happens not gradually but sharply enough during 12 hours. Of course, the skin of the expectant mother can not adapt to such changes and stretch marks, redness and itching may appear. Unfortunately, this physiological fact cannot be forecasted or delayуd, at this stage it is important to take off the uncomfortable and painful skin condition, if any.

Of course, the concept of expected date of childbirth – is relative enough, the childbirth may begin at 38 weeks. Not all future moms give birth strictly within the prescribed period, the deviation in one or two weeks is absolutely normal fact.

However, it is important to understand if a pregnant woman experience uterine contractions and pain, it may be a false Braxton Hicks contractions or the beginning of childbirth.

In contrast to labor contractions false ones are rare and irregular, and not so painful. You can have a walk or take a warm bath to remove the discomfort of false contractions.