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Thirty-fifth week of pregnancy completes the eighth (calendar) month of pregnancy. It will take quite some time and the baby will already be fully prepared for the life outside the womb. Now it is about the length of the 46 cm., weight – about 2500g.

In the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the baby the fat continues to be delayed, so that his skin is smoother and more pale. Also on the child’s skin there are less vellus hair and vernix now, it is now stored in the natural folds of the body of the baby. And the wrinkles become more noticable, so in the area of the joints on the arms and legs, under the buttocks and around the neck, they are already apparent. Cheeks are noticeably rounded because of what the face of the baby has acquired soft children’s traits.

All the organs of the fetus is almost ready for the performance of its functions. In the lungs the amount of surfactant increases again. It promotes the conservation of airiness of the organ when breathing. A meconium accumulates in the intestines, and will be discharged in a few hours after the birth.

35th week of pregnancy is characterized by intensive development of the adrenal glands. These endocrine glands are located above the upper pole of the kidney and are responsible for the formation of hormones that regulate the water and salt and mineral metabolism. The adrenal cortex begins to produce active substances mobilizing the body in times of stress.