On the 35th week of pregnancy the expectant mother is increasingly thinking about the upcoming childbirth, about how will her baby look like. In order to send your thoughts in a positive direction, it is necessary to enroll in courses for pregnant women, where the expectant mother will be able to learn a lot of important and useful information on pregnancy, the process of childbirth and how to properly take care of your future baby and talk about the “burning” themes with women in the same condition.

Such courses are conducted by psychologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, lactation consultants. Depending on the program, the expectant mother will be able to learn how to do analgesic massage, proper organization of breastfeeding, breathing exercises, which will help to give birth without pain.

Also on such courses can often hear comments about maternity hospitals and doctors who can deliver a baby. Some of them come to lecture on such courses, and sometimes courses are held directly at the hospital, that allows to get acquainted with the internal regulations of the institution, ask its staff all the questions and get the important and comprehensive answers.