Pregnancy – is not only physical stress for the organism, but also a huge psychological burden. Expectant mother asks herself a lot of questions which often don’t have any answer. The mood changes very often: the good and cheerful state can suddenly be replaced by apathy and despondency, the health status and the reflection in the mirror are also depressing factors.

The kid acquires its real shape on the surface of the abdomen: his hands, legs, the buttocks protrude through the skin and the expectant mother can almost touch it. It helps her to realize her future parenthood, helps to know whom she is reading fairy tales and singing lullabies, to whom was she talking when she was scared or lonely.

A lot of expectant mothers complain of absent-mindedness and forgetfulness, difficulty to concentrate on important matters. This condition will pass after giving birth, when the baby appears, every mother becomes a walking encyclopedia.