On the 35 week of pregnancy the bottom of the uterus is at the distance of 35 cm. from the pubic symphysis, the head of the fetus at cephalic presentation is located at the entrance to the pelvis. The child has grown up enough, and although he moves not so actively (because of tightness in his movements), on average, once an hour, he must give his signal. The prolonged absence of movement baby – is a signal for the visit to the doctor.

During this period, an expectant mother can periodically feel pulling and tense of the stomach, and then the uterus relaxes. These are Braxton Hicks contractions – a kind of uterus childbirth training. Braxton Hicks contractions, unlike real labor contractions, are rare and irregular. Contractions last for a minute, may be repeated after 4-5 hours. False contractions are painless. A walk or a warm bath will help to remove unpleasant sensations completely.

Also at the 35th week of pregnancy women often have to get up at night to go to the toilet. Frequent urination is associated with a decrease in volume of the bladder as a result of compression of its enlarged uterus. In order not to wake up once again, it is better to drink less fluid for the night.