Pregnant woman shopping

Of course, it is not easy to go for shopping during pregnancy, but now you are on maternity leave and it is possible to visit the shopping centers in such unpopular daytime, when the escalators and shopping facilities are half-empty. Look narrowly, or just buy a pram, cot, bedding for your future baby, necessary clothing and cosmetics. You may also need new curtains in the nursery or commode for baby’s things – all these things you can find or buy in advance.

Have no desire to go shopping – internet access is at your service, on-line stores are an excellent choice for you.

In anticipation of the baby it would be desirable to take up needlework? Try to sew, knit, look for some schemes of charming blankets in patchwork style, start to make toys for the kid with your own hands.

During the maternity leave you can also improve your culinary skills. Often, familiar and favorite restaurant dishes are not so difficult. The decree – is the time when it is worth to learn cooking well, or to learn the science of cooking in a double boiler – such a skill will for sure come in handy in the future. Are there still spare time and desire to learn something new? Go to a museum, a cinema, a master class, try to cook the soap, embroider the small picture to decorate a nursery kid, because there is very little time left.