On the 34th week of pregnancy, in order to understand in what position the child is, whether he has the umbilical cord entanglement or not, the doctor prescribes an ultrasound. During the examination, a doctor uses a special sensor which can determine the parameters of the body and the development of internal organs of the baby.

If it is necessary to check how well the blood is moving through the vessels of umbilical cord and uterine artery, the doctor will make a Dopplerography. You can use it to determine whether there is enough oxygen and nutrition for the baby. The special doppler- monitoring is required for those children in which the umbilical cord entanglement was noticed.

If the family decided to have partner childbirth, in the list of tests appear fluorography, bacterial inoculation of staphylococcus and a blood test for syphilis. Also, the future mother should pass the traditional examination by a gynecologist: weight, blood pressure measurement, blood and urine analysis.