At 39 weeks of pregnancy the placenta is thinner. The metabolism in it slows down. As a result, the child may experience a lack of oxygen and nutrient deficiency. Also, the amount of amniotic fluid is gradually reduced, although, as before, is regularly updated.

The belly of the future mother at 39 weeks of pregnancy descends, the bottom of the uterus is at a distance of 34-35-cm. from the symphysis pubis. Although the baby is big enough, it has very little space in the abdomen, its perturbations are felt distinctively and it is also needed to monitor their number. Too much physical activity or its absence – is a signal for a visit to the doctor, it is important not to lose the relationship with the child.

Now a pregnant woman has to get acquainted with the information about what may be the harbingers of the childbirth: for example, discharge of mucus plug, discharge of amniotic fluid, worsening or improvement of appetite, changes in body posture. An expectant mother should be ready to capture and assess her condition correctly.