Since you have more spare time, try to do physical activity. Swimming, water aerobics or yoga are the best sports for you now. These sports will make the expectant mother’s body hardy and strong, at the same time will not overload the heart and blood vessels. Another useful skill of such employment, required at the time of childbirth – is to breathe properly.

If the sport is not interesting pay attention to the Indian dances. Smooth movements relax and make muscles more elastic. Also a good effect give exercises on the fitball, but you will need the help of instructor in order to learn how to do them correctly.

You do not like to work out in company? Sport walking on the quiet paths of the park will help to saturate the blood with oxygen and give your child extra food.

Do not forget about the psychological mood, think that being a mom – it’s great, and although the endless tests and discomfort already tired, the main thing to remember, it the sake of what all this is happening.