On the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby continues to gain weight and now his weight is about 2900-3000 g, and an average length of 48-49 cm. – He is fully prepared for the birth. The skin of the baby is already pink, here and there covered with vernix.

A baby has accumulated a sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat, which will help his body to maintain a constant body temperature, and will serve as the necessary supply of nutrients in the period of adaptation of the digestive system to the new features.

The bones of the fetus are strong enough, but the ossification process is still ongoing in the ribs, and the skull. The bones of the skull retain their suppleness the largest amount of time, so the head of the fetus is able to change its shape and adapt to the ancestral ways of mother.

The lungs of the baby are well developed, they continue to accumulate surfactant. If the birth will take place at the 37th week, the baby will breathe normally.