If the expectant mother prepares for the childbirth for the first time, at the 37th week of pregnancy the uterus may already fall down, as the baby gradually descends and enters the area of the pelvic bones.

On the one hand, such a position of the child brings relief – it doesn’t put pressure on the aperture and it is easier for an expectant mother to breathe and eat. But on the other hand, the uterus begins to put pressure on the bladder and intestines, that is why a pregnant woman runs to the toilet very often.

Furthermore, this lowering of the abdomen can cause unpleasant and painful sensations because of a pulled ligament apparatus.

On the 37th week of pregnancy the Braxton Hicks contractions may become more intensive. They are actively engaged in the preparation of the female body for future delivery. The main thing is to determine false contractions in time and distinguish them from real.

On the 37th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s body begins to prepare for the expansion of the cervix and the mucus plug can gradually begin to stand out (it played a protective role for the uterus). This process is absolutely physiological, being one of the forerunners of approaching childbirth.

The breast of some pregnant women starts to produce colostrum, which is fact of preparing the body for breastfeeding.