Nutrition for the expectant mother on the 37th week of pregnancy should be balanced in composition and energetic value as well as fully comply with all the needs for nutrients, vitamins and mineral elements.

At the end of pregnancy it is necessary to monitor the weight gain, being careful not to overeat, go easy on flour, sweet and fatty foods. Spicy, fatty and salty foods enhance heartburn, aggravate the functioning of bowel, liver and pancreas.

At this stage of pregnancy it is better to eat fractional, 5-6 times a day and try not to eat before going to bed. It is important to eat dairy products – they improve digestion, are an irreplaceable source of calcium and are the perfect remedy for constipation.

The bread from wheat flour, with the addition of fiber, dried fruits, nuts, seeds replenish the body with vitamins of group B. Different vegetables, potatoes will be a source of ascorbic acid. Sources of iron – beef liver, red meat, cereals.

Even if the expectant mother suffers from edema she should not limit fluid intake of less than 1.5 liters. per day. If you drink less, your blood circulation will suffer, but the swelling will not become less. For removal of excess fluid you should arrange a fasting day once a week, for example, eat only apples.