On the 36th week of gestation the fetal length is 47 cm. By that time the baby has already accumulated a sufficient amount of body fat and looks pretty well fed. His skin became pink and velvety, almost deprived of lanugo fluff and only in some places covered with vernix. Hair on its head has become a bit longer, eyebrows and eyelashes became well marked. The nails on the hands and feet have already covered the nail bed. Cartilage which forms the ears became much tighter, the curls and the deepening of the external ear are already formed.

At this period the baby is already quite cramped in the uterus, his movements are limited. Pushes and impacts are clearly felt by future mum. The fetus has already taken his “rightful” position, and it will be the same until the end of pregnancy. Head or pelvis of the baby gradually begins to descend into the pelvic cavity of a woman.

The child’s heart beats with a frequency of 140 beats per minute, his tones became clear and recognizable in the obstetric stethoscope. The lungs contain a sufficient amount of surfactant. In case of a birth at the 36th week of pregnancy the child will be able to survive on its own, without the support of the mother’s body and special care.