On the 36th week of pregnancy, even women who do not suffer from late toxicosis, notice swelling in the legs. Swellings are caused by impaired blood outflow due to compression of the pelvic veins by the enlarged uterus. Sometimes it is not associated with pathology, but if together with edema the expectant mother feels headaches and problems with pressure – it is important to consult your doctor and make the appropriate analyzes.

The stirrings of a baby on the 36th week of pregnancy are felt very well, although their total number at the end of pregnancy is reduced. The baby grows and there is less space in the womb, it is in very cramped conditions, where it is quite difficult to move.

The future mother may also experience such symptoms as varicose veins, muscle cramps, heaviness in the lower back. There may also appear the stretch marks on the skin. Due to the difficulty with defecation and a tendency to constipation some expectant mothers may have hemorrhoids, rectal fissures. It is necessary to inform the doctor about these issues, so that he could help in choosing the appropriate treatment or adjust the diet.

On the 36th week the grown uterus presses on the stomach, which provokes symptoms of heartburn. The heartburn appears on the background of the fact that progesterone relaxes the sphincter of the stomach and its contents together with the acid, which is involved in the digestion, gets into the esophagus. A balanced diet, smaller meals, will help to deal with this misfortune.