33 Weeks Pregnant: Fetal length is about 44 cm, weight – about 2 kg.. Baby continues to grow and takes stimulated sufficiently constrained position: the head leans to the chest, arms and legs are crossed and pressed against the body. More often than not, the position that the child has taken at 33 weeks, will not change until delivery. The most favorable is cephalic presentation of the fetus, when the head is located at the bottom of the entrance to the mother’s pelvis.

At 33 weeks of pregnancy the baby is already quite mature, if for any reason, is born prematurely, it is quite viable: it can breathe and eat independently. The only thing that can provoke some problems for the child who was born prematurely, is thermoregulation, he still has insufficient amount of subcutaneous tissue.

The cartilage of ears becomes denser, there may be seen the relief on the skin of the feet, nail plates close the nail beds. The formation of the alveoli in the lungs is almost completed, but due to some rearrangements decreases the formation of surfactant. This process extends over the following 2 weeks, during which increases the risk of developing distress syndrome, which frequently affects the premature babies.