A perinatal psychologist, trainer and consultant on pregnancy, childbirth, parenthood:

32 Weeks Pregnant – is the beginning of the period of active preparation for childbirth, as the mother and baby. Kids react to everything that happens on the outside, hear and understand. It is important to talk to your baby and to ensure touching the belly by his mum and dad – this will help to the harmonious development of personality, as touching of his mother and father are different. We tell the baby a story about the upcoming birth and how we were waiting for him.

For mother at 32nd week of pregnancy it is important to get plenty of rest, but do not forget about the physical activities that will help to cope with small ailments. Yoga, fitball and breathing relaxation techniques ensure the well-being and will help to prepare the body for childbirth. Breathing techniques can be used by everyone without exception.

Follow the diet at 32 weeks of gestation. It is desirable to give up pork – as it tightens tissue, and now their elasticity is more important for us. Add dried fruits and uzvar to the diet – they are rich in trace elements and help to cope with the swelling. On an empty stomach it is useful to drink half a glass of room temperature water and seven almond nuts (raw) previously soaked for a night in water.

Almonds have much of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. The combination of these substances makes almonds beneficial for the cardiovascular system and the whole organism, improves mood and gives energy for the whole day. Go to the courses of preparation for the birth, where you can get a lot of useful and important information which will help during childbirth.