During this time, try to determine the maternity hospital and to choose a doctor.

In the hospital, take the list of things, which you will need to take with you at the critical moment. Do not pull the gathering on the last day before delivery – because you do not know when it will come. Collect the bags in advance.

Prepare a list of documents to the hospital. You will need:

  • The direction to the maternity hospital or maternity home contract
  • Trading card, with the results of the necessary tests
  • Results of ultrasound examinations at 32nd week of pregnancy
  • Test results
  • Insurance policy (in some cases)
  • Passport

Attend antenatal clinics in time – every two weeks, follow the doctor’s advice. Be sure to visit the open air, but it is better to postpone marathons to the postpartum period, when you will go for a walk with the baby. Try to relax, straighten the waist and lean on the back of the chair.