With the beginning of the maternity leave the expectant mother may begin to engage herself in furnishing the house. If the family is expecting completion, the question of expanding of the existing housing arises, relocation or repair. What can expectant mother do during the repair process?

Of course, the choice of new beautiful and such necessary things for the future baby will raise the mood of the pregnant woman and cause positive emotions. If the state of health does not allow person to engage in the buying process – the Internet will come in handy. The online stores are now often better, than retail, as well as there are home delivery.

Don’t engage yourself in painting or lacquered surfaces, and don’t be too zealous with cleaning.

During pregnancy, the expectant mother should be careful when using different medicines and ointments. Any treatment must be agreed with the doctor who leads pregnancy and correctly assesses the risk for the child from the disease and the drugs that treat it. In most cases, you can pick up the medication which does not affect the child in the womb.