The future mother must be congratulated on the beginning of pre-natal leave, by which she will be able to devote herself to her future baby.

Starting from the 30th week the woman’s belly begins to grow more actively and becomes more rounded. The increased in size uterus puts pressure on the internal organs that are close to it. Because of this factor, deteriorates the work of digestive tract. An expectant mother may experience heartburn, bloating, constipation.

The increased uterus in the female body displaces the center of gravity and stretches the ligaments. Because of this, the future mother can experience heaviness in the legs and lower back pain. An important role in uncomfortable sensations takes the weight gain of a pregnant woman.

Fetal movements at 30th week of pregnancy are rarer. The baby grows very fast, so that there are less and less room in the stomach, so his thrusts become more tangible. It is important to ensure that the baby is still motile, vigilant, and monitor if his movements become increasingly rare or active every day. This fact may indicate that the child is suffering from hypoxia.