As a rule, at the 12th week of pregnancy, a gynecologist directs a future mom for the first planned ultrasound examination, which can determine the size of the fetus, according to which the approximate date of birth, its state and development are determined.

Also during the ultrasound examination a doctor evaluates the condition of the uterus and defines its tone. He will analyze how the placenta is located and i the number of fetuses developing in the future mother.

Most likely the expectant mother has already got registered in the antenatal clinic until the 12th week of pregnancy, if this has not yet occurred, together with the above mentioned analyzes she will also need to pass a complete blood count, urinalysis, blood sugar and coagulation, analysis to determine blood group and Rh factor, as well as tests for the diagnosis of viral hepatitis B and C, of TORCH-infections (toxoplasmosis, mycoplasma, cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex virus), syphilis and HIV.