Twenty-eight Weeks Pregnant – is the end of the seventh month, the maternity leave is ahead. Now visits to the antenatal clinic and the process of delivery of medical tests will be even more often than before, because the baby bearing – is not an easy task, and if the pregnancy takes place in a city where there are an unhealthy environment, the lack fresh air and the accelerated pace of life, their health, and the health of the fetus should be treated more carefully.

In the atmosphere of many large cities there are huge amounts of industrial emissions and exhaust gases, thereby there is not enough oxygen. If it is difficult to breath for the expectant mother, she may complain of headache, weakness, dizziness, and the baby in this case begins to suffer from hypoxia. To avoid this, you need to be in the nature as often as possible, walking in the nearby park or forest park, and getting out of town.

Female’s body spends an average of 600-700 mg of iron for the childbearing, and the amount of iron entering the body is not always sufficient. To replenish the stocks of an important trace element expectant mother should take appropriate vitamin complexes, which protect against anemia in pregnant women.