To compensate the necessary amount of iron in the body try to eat such products as beef liver, nuts, buckwheat, tomato juice, pomegranates, apples.

Dairy products, for example, yogurt, will help to solve the problems with defecation. It is composed of probiotics, prevents the growth of pathogens in the gut and their penetration into the blood. The consumption of yoghurts promotes the growth of beneficial organisms, has a positive impact on the mother’s and baby’s health.

Confectionery products made of flour, chocolate, sweets, white rice and potatoes – are poor in nutrients and vitamins, but they are extremely high in calories. It is advisable to use these products as little as possible. Try to reduce the intake of sugar in 4-5 tablespoons per day, and it is better to replace it with honey.

Porridge, bread made of wheat flour, brown rice, corn – take a long time to digest and do not cause a sharp increase in glucose in the blood of a woman, their use will improve and normalize the digestion, compensate the lack of B vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and selenium.