At 25 week of pregnancy it is worth to spend more time outdoors, because it encourages the active development of the baby’s brain, which requires large amounts of oxygen.

Also after the 20th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother may start developing the heartburn, especially after a hearty meal. On the 25th week the belly became even bigger, and the heartburn may be manifested stronger. To reduce the unpleasant symptoms is worth to eat slowly in small portions, and try not bend-over, for example, when fastening your shoes.

Quite often, the first stirrings become a “trigger mechanism” for the maternal instinct. Start with pleasant and useful purchases, because the coming of the little man should be prepared in advance. Look narrowly to the strollers, cribs, the first clothes and toys for the baby. Are you afraid of not guessing the color? Buy items in neutral shades because yellow or green will be equally great to look at both the boy and the girl.