At 25 week of pregnancy the expectant mother will have to visit the antenatal clinic, and before visit she will traditionally have to pass urine and blood analysis. Also, your doctor may prescribe a visit to a specialist, such as, for example, an ophthalmologist, neurologist, cardiologist or a dentist. If the expectant mother has some chronic disease, it will be necessary to visit a doctor also in this area: endocrinologist, a dermatologist.

In case of necessity the gynecologist may prescribe an ultrasound, which purpose – is to evaluate the quantity and condition of the amniotic fluid and the baby. And of course, it will be possible to determine the sex of the baby during this visit. Another important thing – the doctor will tell you the expected date of delivery (PDR).

Also, at each visit of the antenatal clinic a doctor will measure the weight of the expectant mother, check her blood pressure, listen to the heartbeat of the fetus, measure the height of uterine fundus.